How Does The Therapy Work And What Is Its Goal

In counseling, partner problems and constraints are approached professionally, humanistic and holistic. The therapists do not seek the culprit for a bad state of relationship, but together with the couple who came for psychotherapeutic help, they are investigating how this deadlock came and how both partners contributed to the given situation. They help couples understand what is happening in pairs, that each partner finds out what can be done to tackle conflicts together and improve their relationship. During the psychotherapeutic process they teach couples with psychological tools that help them communicate better, understand and accept differences, solve problems, even when they argue or enter into conflicts, they do it in a constructive and healthy way. The ultimate goal of couples counseling would be to establish a mature relationship of love among partners that both partners receive on the quality of life.

Mature love is one in which we do not ask our partner to make us happy, and we also do not blame him for his dissatisfaction. The strength of a quality partnership relationship is the desire of both partners to be there for this other, to be open and honest, to have the confidence that they can show when they are vulnerable, but also to accept responsibility for personal expectations and their uncertainties. The compliance of two people depends on acceptance and understanding. This therapy helps to place the compatibility of two people according to personal capacities and potentials at the place of compatibility by pathology. Love is a constant work on the potential of a loved one, and a place for cultivating mutual partners’ potentials, with the support of experts, is certainly a partner therapy.

Even when all aspects of the relationship are fulfilled, couples redefine their relationship many times during a partner’s life. In order to be healthy, relationships must be constantly evolving, in order to adapt to new circumstances in the life, the new needs and wishes of the partner. However, partners are often unaware of this, and when problems arise in relation to a partner, they begin to seek out the culprit, most often in the other.


Psychotherapy as prevention

The couple does not have to have partner problems to benefit from psychotherapy. Couples therapy can also help couples to strengthen their relationship and achieve better mutual understanding. Also, it can be very important to support married couples who come from different cultures or completely different primary families. This pre-counseling counseling is aimed at supporting the partner’s awareness of diversity and broadening the personality so that they can cover these differences and enrich them.

Duration of therapy

According to counselling clinic muskoka, Partner therapy can be short and lasts only a few seances in which some of the hot crises of the couple are resolved. Also, this type of therapy can last for several months, especially if the relationship is very disturbed. Like individual psychotherapy, couples therapy is practiced once a week for 60 or 90 minutes (depending on the therapist’s assessment and the agreement with the couple).

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