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Will a Testosterone Enhancement Give More Energy?

Will a Testosterone Enhancement Give More Energy?

Will a Testosterone Enhancement Give More Energy?

Hormones play many important roles in managing the various systems in the body. Testosterone is the main male reproductive sex hormone, but it impacts much more than just the reproductive area. When testosterone is low, it can affect everything from metabolism and hair growth to your energy levels. For some people, a testosterone enhancement with hormone therapy can improve multiple areas of their life, including giving them more energy.

All genders have testosterone in their body, and it has a significant impact on generating the sex organs, as well as affecting muscle mass, bone strength, red blood cells, mood and many other aspects. The body produces testosterone, which is made from cholesterol. A large amount of testosterone is created while you sleep – getting enough sleep is important to ensure enough production. When testosterone levels are low, there are many side effects. Some of the most notable include:

  • Lower libido
  • Reduced bone strength
  • Balding or hair loss
  • Diminished muscle mass
  • Increased body fat
  • Fatigue – lower physical and mental energy levels
  • Depression or anxiety

Since testosterone is so important to both physical and mental wellness, regulating levels is important. There are health conditions and lifestyle choices that can impact your hormone production – if you are not producing enough testosterone, you may notice a drop in your energy levels. Knowing what you can do to improve hormone production can help improve your energy, but for some, testosterone replacement may be needed to achieve the desired effects.

Causes of Low Testosterone

Testosterone production reaches its peak for males in their late teens once they have passed puberty. The levels stay high throughout the twenties for most men, then begin the slow decline in their thirties. This is a normal occurrence that most men experience – testosterone reduces by about 1% every year with aging. For most men, this small decline does not impact their daily life. It is when a quick drop in testosterone occurs that they may experience fatigue, low libido, ED, weight gain and other side effects.

Beyond aging, there are many other factors that can impact testosterone levels. As mentioned earlier, sleep is important for testosterone production. Those who are not getting enough sleep each night may experience lower levels of testosterone – both the lack of sleep and low T levels can impact energy and mental focus. Some of the other factors that can negatively impact T levels include:

  • Stress. When your mind or body is stressed, it may produce more cortisol, which can reduce testosterone production among other effects. Reducing stress with relaxation techniques can help minimize cortisol and enhance T levels.
  • Exercise. Building and using muscle can stimulate testosterone production. Exercising can help increase T levels, but it can be difficult when energy levels are low.
  • Diseases. HIV, kidney disease, cirrhosis of the liver and other health conditions can impact testosterone production.
  • Testicle problems. Tumors, injuries, chemotherapy and other issues that affect the testicles can interfere with testosterone production.
  • Alcohol abuse. High alcohol consumption can reduce T levels.
  • Poor diet. Those who have nutritional deficiencies or struggle with overeating can have lower levels of testosterone. Zinc levels can impact T production and weight gain is linked to low T.
  • Obesity and sleep apnea. Obesity and sleep apnea are often related, and both can impact testosterone production. Those who are overweight and suffering from obstructive sleep apnea may have lower T levels.

Eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep are important for maintaining healthy levels of testosterone. Unfortunately, it is not always enough to avoid low T and the side effects. Living with below normal levels of testosterone can create a vicious cycle – many people will have low energy, increased body fat, lost muscle and depression from low T. The side effects of low T can also contribute to even lower production of testosterone – gaining weight can contribute to sleep apnea and sleep problems that affect T production. The solution for many is enhancing their testosterone through therapy.

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Benefits of Balancing T Levels

Testosterone enhancement with hormone therapy can have a dramatic effect on those with low T. Both men and women can suffer from low T, but side effects tend to be more dramatic in men. When testosterone levels are increased with hormone replacement therapy, it can reverse many of the negative effects of low T. Libido and sexual dysfunction issues can be eliminated, along with reducing fatigue, depression and anxiety. Metabolism is improved, helping lose excess fat and increase muscle mass.

When testosterone levels are increased to normal levels, many people notice a quick resurgence of their physical and mental energy. Cognitive function can improve – the brain fog that many people feel with low T dissipates and they begin to restore sharper mental clarity. Physical energy can improve as well – endurance and performance are noticeably increased. Increased mood can also impact energy – mental fatigue may fade away as depression and anxiety lessen with increased T levels.

Testosterone Enhancement Therapy

The first step to increasing energy and dissipating other symptoms of low T is testing. Hormone testing can determine whether you are a good candidate for testosterone replacement therapy. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we provide lab testing to determine whether a patient is experiencing low T or if there may be other conditions affecting their energy. If testosterone levels are low, replacement therapy can be considered for treatment.

Our testosterone injections can provide a quick restoration of your T levels. We make it convenient for our patients to maintain their hormone levels – you do not need to come to our facility every week for your therapy. We provide injections that can be performed discretely at home, only needing to come see us every few months. Our medical staff can ensure that you have the correct dosage to improve your health and increase your energy levels.

Are You a Candidate for Testosterone Enhancement?

There are many individuals that may have below-normal levels of testosterone which is impacting their energy and overall health. If you have noticed that you have been feeling fatigued more often than normal, along with changes in your libido, weight, muscle mass or hairline, you may be experiencing low T. You can try improving your nutrition, sleep patterns and exercise to improve your symptoms, but if lifestyle changes do not help, treatment may be your best option.

At Arcadia Wellness Center, our medical director Sarah Quinn is our resident hormone replacement specialist. Sarah is a nurse practitioner that has extensive experience in helping those with hormone imbalance reverse their condition and reclaim their well-being. During your hormone therapy consultation, Sarah can determine whether hormone replacement is right for you and create a wellness plan to restore your hormone balance and energy levels.  

To learn more about testosterone enhancement to improve your energy and health, contact our team at Arcadia Wellness Center. We are located in Phoenix, AZ and we welcome new patients! Our facility offers hormone replacement therapy, medical weight loss, pain management and a wide selection of cosmetic services. Call our clinic today to schedule your testosterone therapy consultation.