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Why Is Having A Comfortable Wheelchair So Important?

Why Is Having A Comfortable Wheelchair So Important?

Why Is Having A Comfortable Wheelchair So Important?

Here is a breakdown of why a comfortable wheelchair is not only very important but also a lifesaver. If you are confined to a wheelchair daily, then it is probably right to assume that you are reliant on it for independence and for freedom.

A wheelchair is not just any equipment, it basically contributes to a comfortable life and enables you to live your life. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the wheelchair is comfortable.

Apart from the fact that you want to be comfortable in your wheelchair, there are other reasons to consider as well regarding a top-notch condition for your wheelchair.

Some of the reasons to consider are avoiding pressure sores as well as encouraging physical activity. Let’s take a look at more reasons to ensure your wheelchair is comfortable.

The Right Sitting Position

One of the first things that come to mind when wanting to ensure your wheelchair is comfortable is the sitting position. Determining what your seating position is going to be comes when you are first measured for your new wheelchair.

Therefore, it is important to make sure all of your measurements are taken by someone who is a professional and who knows what they are doing. With a comfortable chair you can ensure that hip pain, joint aches and pressure sores are eliminated.

Complications with Ill-Fitted Wheelchairs

There are a couple of complications directly attributable to an ill-fitting wheelchair. Some of these limitations we can consider to be life-limiting. They include but are not limited to:

  • A narrow wheelchair will hurt your hips, pressing them against the sides of the chair, causing pressure sores.
  • Transferring from your wheelchair and back to it can become dangerous and very challenging if the width of the seat or the length or depth are not right.
  • A wide wheelchair seat will cause the user to slip or slump around in the chair. This will eventually lead to bad posture, increased back pain, potential compression of the lungs and pressure ulcers.
  • The length of the seat is also important. Seats that are too short causes the legs to hang in an unnatural position while those that are too long result in pressure sores.
  • The footplate, and the positioning of it also makes a big difference. If feet keep falling off the footplate, they can get injured by passing objects or get twisted in the wheels. A footplate of the wrong height will cause legs to dangle or knees to raise up and wobble.

Comfortable Wheelchair Encourages Activity

It is obvious to see that when someone is comfortable in their wheelchair, they are more prone to carrying out activities in it than if they were not. With a comfortable wheelchair you would feel more energized and be ready to head outdoors.

Being active and up and about will definitely eliminate the formation of pressure sores and pressure ulcers. By avoiding these sores because of a wheelchair which is fitting and comfortable you are more likely to have an active lifestyle.

A comfortable wheelchair seat should be of adequate width, enough to accommodate the person’s width, with a little extra room on either side for potential growth.