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5 Must-Have Equipment for Starting Your Fighting Career

5 Must-Have Equipment for Starting Your Fighting Career

5 Must-Have Equipment for Starting Your Fighting Career

Boxing is considered a relatively inexpensive and easy sport to begin with. Because if you want to start your fighting career, you don’t need fancy equipment, at least for starting. But to ensure your safety and make sure you are getting the best training; you need a few boxing and MMA equipment. Because you will need this equipment before becoming regular in the ring.

Some professionals and most beginners will ask you to buy the latest gizmos and gadgets. But if you can’t buy them, you don’t need to worry. Because for beginners boxing equipment can only be comprised of pieces related to conditioning and safety. You will surely have some boxing outfits like workout shorts and t-shirts and you will need to purchase a few pieces of equipment that won’t cause much.

You should start boxing if you are looking for ways to burn calories and build stamina quickly. Moreover, boxing is a type of cardio exercise and a great source of strength training. Maybe initially you find it difficult but after you have learned boxing properly, it will be a full-body workout. Because a strong punch will involve your whole body power including back, shoulders, hips, and legs.

Here we have gathered some basic equipment for beginners who wants to start their fighting career or interested in this high calorie-burning exercise.

Boxing Equipment for Beginners

Before going to the equipment, you need to clarify whether you are going to work with a partner or without a partner. Because for high-quality work, you’ll need a partner too. But if you are practicing with a heavy bag, you need hand wraps, skipping rope, and bag gloves. While training with a partner, you need a mouth guard, headgear, chest protector, and sparring gloves.

A Good Pair of Boxing gloves

Probably, you know about boxing gloves because it is quite a debated subject. Boxing gloves are of two types: bag gloves or training gloves and sparring gloves or competition gloves. As a beginner, you should invest in a quality pair of bag gloves.

These gloves will protect your hands while practicing with a heavy bag. So, instead of buying cheap, invest in good quality products.

A Mouth Guard

For beginners, probably the most important boxing equipment other than gloves is a mouthguard. Because it protects your teeth and lips when you get a punch on your face. There are different companies that provide good quality mouthguards. Buy a mouth guard that last longer and fit more comfortably.

Hand Wraps for Protection

For the protection of tiny bones of your hands and your wrist, hand wraps are very important. When you wrap correctly, hand wraps keep your knuckles safe and also provide protection to your wrist from breaking or spraining. Because when you throw heavy punches, they may break your hand bones or wrist due to pressure.

Additionally, hand wraps also help in increasing the life of your gloves as they absorb sweat that otherwise drips into your boxing gloves.

A Heavy Bag for Practice

For practicing at home, you need a heavy bag. But if you are only going to practice and get training in a gym then you won’t need to invest in a heavy bag. Although having a heavy bag at home can provide you a way to release your anger too by throwing a few punches. So, buy a heavy bag of about 70 pounds and hang it to your ceiling.

Headgear during Live Sparring

If you also have planned on doing live sparring then you must have a headgear. And choose good quality, long-lasting headgear as it is going to take a lot of hits. It will provide you protection from scrapes and cuts. But headgear will not protect you from getting repeated head punches, so be careful. You can choose from different headgear styles, so choose wisely.