Risk Vs Reward In Cosmetic Treatments

It’s a well known fact that cosmetic treatments are rich in rewards, but many people are concerned that the risks that do exist don’t justify the procedure. I’d like to shine some light on both sides of the story, and show people that maybe the risks aren’t as serious for some as one might assume, although for others who’ve never considered the risks it’s good to be informed. I’ll go through some of the more common treatments and outline the risks and rewards, as well as giving some helpful tips for finding said services.

Cosmetic Treatments


The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about “getting work done” in terms of cosmetics, is of course Botox. But there are many options available nowadays, with dermal fillers like dysport and natural fillers like collagen.

The risks are usually quite dependent on the exact substance being injected, but there are definitely some common ones that occur across the board. When getting anything injected into your body you’re always going to risk getting a hematoma, which often will fix itself over time. Also there’s a chance of getting a rash, and a chance of getting an infection too. Although with injectables the best way to avoid or reduce any risks is to find a certified practitioner who uses legitimate products.

The rewards in have dermal fillers have been noted for years in celebrities looking young for years, and having full luscious faces. They can also get rid of wrinkles and other common signs of aging, which in turn can boost the confidence of the individual immensely, giving them back their younger self.

When looking at getting any injectables or dermal fillers it’s best to look at each different kind and do research into what might suit you best, once you have an idea you can look into the best provider of your chosen filler in your area by searching for, for example “restylane Boca Raton”.

Laser Hair Removal

Now there might not seem to be any risks with this one, and for most people there aren’t, although with anything like this there are some factors that you should consider. Saying that though the risks of laser hair removal are nothing compared to the other effects that come with shaving, waxing, and hair removal cream.

After the procedure it’s common for most patients to experience a redness in the affected areas, something like sunburn in most people’s experiences. Some swelling can also be expected in the initial hours after the treatment, although ice packs can do well in reducing the swelling. Less common side effects include crusting in the areas where the laser has been used, but this can usually be avoided through the use of a moisturiser. There’s also a slight chance of skin pigmentation changing, with lighter skinned people having darker pigments and vice versa, but this too doesn’t last. In some extreme cases burns, blisters and scars can occur, but this is usually due to the practitioners ability, with some cases of scarring being due to poor management of any crusting that may have occurred. When in doubt always contact your clinic.

The rewards here though can be immense, with this procedure often giving permanent results. Unwanted hair is a source of shame for many people, and this feeling has existed for thousands of years with even the Egyptians trying to find ways to remove it. The ease of going to a clinic for a few sessions and never having to worry about it again is something that they may not have been able to even comprehend.

As this treatment does require multiple sessions and take some time, I suggest finding a clinic with practitioners you like. This may require some legwork and actually going into some of these places to talk face to face with these people, but the place to start is as always the internet. Simply search “best laser hair removal Boca Raton” (again replacing BR with your location) and read some of the reviews, looking for compliments to the practitioners.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

This may seem incredibly similar to the laser hair removal, and in essence it is, as both include the use of lasers to get under the skin. These days many people opt for pico laser treatment, which essentially targets pigments in your skin to excite new growth of cells.

The risks are very much the same as those outlined in the laser hair removal, and for the same reasons. Unless you’re getting a back street or blackmarket laser skin resurfacing, or you’re ignoring or worsening a skin crust, then you have nothing serious to worry about. Although there is evidence that prolonged exposure to the laser can have some detrimental effects over time, it’s thought that the amount of exposure is far greater than most would endure.

The joy of laser skin resurfacing is that you can have any acne scars or tattoos removed in a non-invasive manner that also has almost no downtime and can allow you to go straight back into work. With many other similar treatments requiring some recovery period, pico laser treatment has really changed the game in that sense.

As with the other treatments doing your due diligence in finding a good reputable clinic with experienced licensed practitioners will yield the best possible result.

The World Beyond

There are an infinite amount of cosmetic treatments that you can have done in professional environments, having a high standard of treatment and service can ensure that the risk is nothing in comparison with the reward. Always be honest with any clinic you go to for treatment, and be sure to request information about anything you’d like to have done. Remember, even vaginal rejuvenation can have its ups and downs, and who you decide to go to and how you look after yourself post-treatment will dictate the efficacy of the results.

The risks given here are not exactly what will happen during any of these treatments and were not outlined to scare, only inform. Remember to always confer with professionals if you have any concerns.


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