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Top 5 Gnc Pro Performance Supplements To Check Out

Top 5 Gnc Pro Performance Supplements To Check Out

As you make your way into the fitness world you’ll realize that you cannot simply rely on your daily diet to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you want to gain weight, gain muscle mass, improve your athletic performance, or enhance endurance, there is a supplement for each of these categories. It is important that you talk to your trainer to know which of these supplements will be best suitable for your fitness journey. GNC whey protein is one of the most popular fitness supplements, but there are chances that as per your requirements it might not be best for you. Your trainer might suggest casein protein or a protein blend supplement to you for best results.

Given below are the top 5 GNC Pro Performance supplements that you must check out and include in your routine.

Gnc Pro Performance Amp Gold Series Ultra Rush

GNC Pro Performance AMP Gold Series Ultra Rush is one of the bestselling GNC supplements. It is an ultra concentrated high performance formula that’s an ideal pre workout drink for better energy and performance. It helps achieve your fitness goals by supporting blood flow and pump.

It is available in 2 delicious flavors – blueberry and fruit punch. Each serving of 1 scoop provides 0.3 g carbohydrates and 1.2 Kcal energy. The main benefits of this high quality GNC pre-workout supplement are – boosts energy and improves mental focus to achieve optimal physical performance, improves strength and endurance during high intensity workouts, and reduces muscle soreness to sustain for longer training sessions.

GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer

GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer is one of the most popular supplements under the Pro Performance umbrella. It is a special health supplement that’s formulated to enhance your body’s capacity to gain weight. It is enriched with all the essential nutrients that’ll help you gain weight but in a healthy way.

It is available in 3 delicious flavors – dark chocolate, vanilla ice-cream, and double chocolate. Each serving provides 2200 Kcal, 73 g of protein, and 440 g of carbohydrates. It is also enriched with digestive enzymes, calcium, and magnesium that help in absorbing and digesting essential nutrients in the body. It can be consumed by both men and women. For women 1 serving per day is recommended, while men can take 2 servings per day.

GNC Pro Performance 100% whey protein

When listing the top selling GNC proteins we cannot forget GNC Pro Performance 100% whey protein. GNC Pro Performance is the best whey protein supplements available in India. The high quality macronutrient formula has the perfect balance of protein and other nutrients. Whey protein is an integral part of your fitness journey as it helps build muscles and proves to be a catalyst for protein synthesis.

GNC whey protein is available in 4 flavors – cookies & cream, chocolate fudge, vanilla cream, chocolate supreme. Each serving provides 24 g of protein with all 9 essential amino acids. It is a gluten free formula that mixes instantly and gives a great rich taste. Some of the main benefits of GNC whey protein are – supports healthy metabolism and lean muscle recovery, is easy to digest and fast absorbing, supports your wellness and performance goals, and reduces fatigue and muscle cramps.

GNC Pro Performance L – Glutamine

Glutamine is an important nutrient that’s needed by the body to help achieve your fitness goals. It is involved in protein synthesis and plays a pivotal role in maintaining the body’s nitrogen balance. GNC Pro Performance L – Glutamine is one of the bestselling glutamine supplements available in India.

Prolonged high intensity workouts can lead to low levels of glutamine which can ultimately cause glutamine deficiency. That’s why it is essential to support your workout with a glutamine supplement. GNC Pro Performance is great for athletes, weight lifters, body builders, and anyone who is looking to improve one’s muscle mass and strength.

It is tested and certified banned substances free. It is a gluten free and lactose free formula and comes in unflavored powder, so you can easily mix it with your favorite beverage and get all the nutrients.


GNC Pro Performance Creatine Monohydrate

One of the most common misconceptions in the fitness world is that creatine is used for bulking. It’s not true. Creatine is used for optimum muscular energy which supports power, stamina, and performance. GNC Pro Performance Creatine Monohydrate is one of the bestselling creatine supplements. It is manufactured under unsurpassed conditions to give you a high quality supplement that delivers best results. It is a pre-workout drink.

Each serving provides 3 g of creatine. Since it is an unflavored powder, you can easily blend it with your favorite smoothie and get all the benefits. It is Informed Choice Certified and hence free from any banned substances that may be harmful for your health. The main benefits of this supplement include – it promotes cellular hydration, improves athletic performance, fuels skeletal muscles, and provides support for immediate energy production during high intensity workouts.

Although all GNC products are completely safe, it is still highly recommended that you consult your doctor before including any kind of GNC supplements in your routine.