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Advantages Of Lightweight Mobility Scooters Over Standard Models

Advantages Of Lightweight Mobility Scooters Over Standard Models

Light mobility scooters have a very high demand and are one of the most popular models in the market today. We have two types of lightweight mobility scooters – travel scooters and folding scooters. Travel scooters can be dismantled; this makes them the easiest type to transport when traveling. The advancement in their design makes them appealing.

There is no road regal or class 3 lightweight scooters at the moment. However, we could see one coming soon.

Class 2 Scooters (Lightweight Scooters)

  • The design is simple, and the scooter can be dismantled and folded to help ease transportation
  • The maximum speed is 4 miles per hour
  • Lightweight compared to class 3 scooters
  • They have very low speed
  • Designed to be used on smooth terrain like shopping areas and pavement except when crossing the road
  • Can be used indoors
  • Shorter battery life which means they can only travel shorter distances

Class 3 Scooters (Road Regal Scooters)

  • They are designed with road safety features like a horn, brake lights, and hazard lights
  • The maximum speed is 8mph on normal roads and 4mph in public places and pavements
  • Can be used on all roads except dual carriage roads
  • They are classed as class 3 vehicles
  • Very heavy compared to class 1 and 2 scooters
  • You must be 14 years old to operate

Important Comparison Features  

Storage Space

Class 2 scooters can be dismantled and folded, that’s why they are also known as boot scooters. This is one of their benefits: you can easily fit them inside the boot of your car when traveling, unlike class 3 scooters that cannot be dismantled or folded at all.


The design mostly used on class 1 and 2 scooters include lightweight construction materials and small footprints. A lightweight mobility scooter design allows the user to control the vehicle easily in the house or on a pavement. It makes the scooter easy to transport and gives greater freedom when used in the intended environment.

The Speed

The speed of a class 2 scooter is minimized to increase its performance and safety. When choosing a scooter, you have to consider your environment and decide which is more important between speed and maneuverability.

Which Scooter Suits Your Lifestyle?

The best way to determine the best scooter is by asking yourself these questions:

  • Why do I need a scooter?
  • Where will I use it?
  • Will it be going on the road?
  • Where do I store the scooter?
  • What is the distance on an average trip?

With recent advancements and developments in the design of class 2 scooters, they are becoming very powerful and robust. An added benefit is the ability to fold or dismantle the scooter and store it in a small space. The battery can be detached and charged separately wherever the user feels convenient for them.

A class 3 scooter requires a large storage space when not in use. These scooters also have large batteries that can’t be removed from their fixed position. This means that you will need a storage space with an electricity supply so you can comfortably charge the battery.

When looking for a scooter to use around your house and local areas, going on a day out with family or friends and you have a car, then a class 2 scooter is a perfect choice. On the other side, if you have space, a power supply available and are looking for a fast mobility scooter, look out for class 3 scooters.

What Now?

As we have seen, if you are looking to get a mobility scooter, the first thing you should consider is how it will help you carry out daily routines easily and independently.