Different Types Of Breast Augmentation In Nyc

By choosing breast augmentation, you’re making an important choice on your path to be a perfect one. Now, you have a query in your mind that what is the safest breast implant for me and what will the breast augmentation cost NYC? In the past, different shape and type options were limited. But, now there are several options available to choose from. Three popular types are presented below. NYC breast enhancement surgeons have obtained excellent results using all three different implant types.

Breast Augmentation

  • Saline Breast Implants:

This is the most preferred type among patients with breast augmentation because it is the cheapest and often the favored type of patient. They’re made of a flexible silicone shell and these shells are filled with sterile saltwater. Surgical candidates above age 18 were approved by the FDA for Saline Breast Implants. An optimal tissue level is covered to ensure a realistic-looking effect with this implant style. While saline breast implants are designed to improve the breast shape for the long term, the candidate should realize that leakage may occur over time. One of the perceived advantages of this implant is that saline is consumed and naturally discharged by the body.

  • Silicone Cohesive Gel Implants:

Even before placed inside the breast, silicone implants give natural and the most realistic feeling to NJ breast augmentation patients. They are generally one of the most popular and modern options for implants. The cohesive gel composition of silicone cohesive gel Implants is more viscous than saline, they come with resist rippling feature and hold a natural breast shape and feel. Their content is intended to remain together in the rare case of a breakdown. Ongoing breast examinations and monitoring are recommended.

breast-augmentation-14083567206925538591.jpg (900×554)

  • Gummy Bear Implants:

In the last decade, this term and type of implant are widely known and popular. This procedure is named after the content – a densely cohesive silicone filling. Its appearance is identical to a Gummy Bear, That’s why they are called Gummy Bear Implants. The special “teardrop shape” means that it has an anatomical appearance which is just like an actual breast where the top is thinner and the bottom more full. The solidity of anatomical implants helps them to maintain their form and their surface is textured to give them further security once implanted in the body.

Dr. Gartner is a double-board certified expert in both plastic and general procedures for such breast enhancement. You may get in touch with him for the best consultation.


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