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America’s Dark Secrets: Superstar Actor or Sexual Predator?

America’s Dark Secrets: Superstar Actor or Sexual Predator?

What It’s Like Being a Child Actor in Hollywood

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a child actor? Starring in all-time classics like Lucas, Goonies, and Stand By Me must be awesome! Corey Haim’s death-note and Corey Feldman’s memoir Choreyography, however, tells us otherwise.

We now know that childhood stardom is not what we would imagine it to be.

“Get these kids out of Hollywood and let them lead normal lives.” ―Corey Feldman

From California To Florida

And everywhere in between. If you check the Florida sex offender registry and all of the other sex offender registries in the United States, you will find that in every state there are convicted sex offenders. Although it may seem like a longshot, most of the time just knowing simple facts are enough to keep children and loved ones safe from falling into the hands of a sexual predator. Know who your neighbors are, and know who your children are around. Whether you are in Hollywood or Daytona Beach, it is important to know the facts.

The Fault In Our Stars

Corey Haim died at age 38 of a drug overdose but not before revealing the name of the man who sexually abused him as a child. Although this pedophile hasn’t been publicly outed yet, he is said to be the ‘kingpin’ in this Hollywood sex ring. These child molesters intimidate kids into being silent, leaving them fragile and confused.

They strip these vulnerable kids of their childhood.

“Corey was afraid Hollywood would ostracize him”

Exploitation of stars by predators in power is nothing new; it’s been the industry’s dirty little secret for decades. In 2004, actor Brian Peck was accused of molesting his protégée, yet he continued working on children’s movies such as Jack and the Beanstalk despite admitting to the allegations.

Life Behind the Scenes

“They were passing us back and forth to each other”

These molesters are A-1 actors that target their victims at award shows, charity events, their trailers, and private parties. But they also act from behind a screen, reaching out to kids on Facebook. Feldman points out that social media adds to the problem. He says it’s common for Hollywood producers to reach out to child actors offering help.

Corey Haim was so confused by the abuse at the age of 14 that he thought it was love. Actor-director Dominick Barscia claims that Haim was suicidal because he thought he might be gay. Barscia was allegedly accused of being one of Haim’s predators, but he insists that the late Haim would have defended him in light of these allegations.

You Can Run but You Can’t Hide

Over the years, victims and survivors have spoken out about these atrocities, yet the monsters remain closeted. Until now…

California’s Statute of Limitations, which once protected sexual predators, has now been lifted. This new bill tells child molesters they will no longer be able to hide behind the scenes.

“It puts sexual predators on notice that the passage of time may no longer protect them from serious criminal consequences for their acts of sexual violence.”

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