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What is a Sick Bed?

It is a type of mattress that is used to meet the individual needs of the patients and is much more advantageous and useful than normal mattresses. This mattress type, which is preferred for many diseases, has many models and functions. In general, its purpose is to provide a more comfortable life for the patient and support it to be more comfortable.

Patient Bed

The patient bed, which provides a temporary solution for a temporary post-operative period or for situations such as paralysis, are beds that support a more comfortable recovery process for patients and a more self-confident process for patients who are dependent on the bed. As human beings, it is possible that we may be sentenced to bed temporarily or permanently at expected or unexpected times.

Passing this process on normal beds or sofa beds will both torture the patient and include many health problems in this process. With its many functions and useful features, the patient beds offer the chance to achieve something individually for the patients, by keeping the patient more comfortable and healthier in this process.

Advantages of Using a Hospital Bed

Patient beds (hasta yatağı) provide comfort for the patient and provide great convenience for caregivers. These beds, which are preferred for many patients who need to stay in bed temporarily or are permanently in bed, bring a more comfortable process for caregivers. In cases where the patient cannot perform processes such as toilet need, lifting or changing direction on his own, the people caring for the patient should spend a great deal of manpower.

This process, which is both tiring and exhausting, causes self-esteem problems and psychological problems such as depression for the patient. Since the patient beds offer many functions, this process is provided more comfortably by providing great convenience to both the patient and the patient’s relatives in needs such as lifting, rotating or toilet.

Physical Benefits of Patient Beds in Terms of Health

Patients in need of special care provide all kinds of care that are necessary for the continuation of their lives, as their relatives. For patients who are not able to move in any way, lying in the same positions brings many health problems. Bed sores, one of the most common situations in this process, cause patients to suffer extra pain during these processes. These bedsores, which occur when the patient beds are not used, become inevitable in the following processes and can lead to the death of the patient due to infection and other reasons.

However, it is possible to prevent these bedsores by preventing the development of bacteria and microbes caused by moisture and moisture by ventilating the parts of the patient in contact with the bed with the patient bed models with a single button. These processes, which are interrupted because the rotary or lifting works are very difficult when the patient bed is not used, becomes much easier with the use of the patient bed, and negativities such as wound formation and infection development by catching germs end with the use of the patient bed. Hasta yatağı kiralama

Psychological Benefits of the Sick Bed to the Patient

Hospital beds are one of the very useful types of beds for people with local or general paralysis who have to lie down all the time. These beds, which make it easy for the patient to meet some of their personal needs, minimize the burden for the patient by providing self-sufficiency, and make the patient more confident and happy.

Always seeking attention and support from someone is becoming a huge devastation for bedridden people. With the feeling of neediness, the patient experiences many psychological depressions and this process becomes even more terrible for them. However, since the patient beds provide many functions to the patient with a single click, it enables them to meet their needs without the need for a caregiver, so it prevents many psychological problems such as depression and anxiety: