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More than a Toothache: Importance of Employee Dental Insurance Long Island NY

High employee turnover is costly even for big businesses. Today, most employees work as knowledge workers, and each time you train them, you enhance their specialization. This means that losing a single employee is equal to losing all the knowledge you have about your business. Worse, your employees can get employment from your competitors.

How to Motivate Employees to Keep Working for You

Healthcare Coverage

According to a 2015 study that was conducted by the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) over 70 percent of Human Resource managers stated that they used health care to retain their employees. Health is important for both employers and employees. With access to great healthcare benefits, your workers won’t worry about lack of medical care coverage, and as an employer, you will notice fewer employee absentees due to sickness.

Employee Dental Insurance Long Island NY

Because most marketplace insurance options don’t provide employee dental insurance Long Island NY, purchasing employee dental insurance will be an added advantage to your business. Offering dental insurance may tip the scale when potential employees are trying to decide among several company offers. Other than being a great recruitment and retention tool, employee dental insurance Long Island NY has several advantages both to your business and employees, including:

Healthier Employees

Studies indicate that over 80 percent of people with dental insurance visit dentists at least twice a year and only 34 percent of people without dental insurance visit dentists twice a year. Several studies have shown that regular dental visits can help detect, manage and prevent oral health diseases. Therefore, with an employee dental insurance Long Island NY, you will have healthier employees who will contribute more to work and add to your bottom line.

Reduce Lost Working Hours

A recent survey indicates that over 160 million working hours are lost in the U.S. due to dental problems. This means that dental health affects your business directly. Preventive dental exams that are provided through employee dental insurance Long Island NY can help reduce working hours by identifying and treating dental problems earlier and reversing problems that would have become serious and lead to larger issues that require time off work.

Dental Savings Plan Help You Save More

Dental discount plans are more affordable compared to conventional dental insurance. The DentalSave average cost per employee per month is $14.95 and the benefits include up to 50 percent off dental work.